Dni energií na Slovensku 2015

Slovak Association
of refrigeration and air conditioning engineers

The professional association of Slovak and foreign firms, contractors, institutes and field specialist from manufacturing, design, testing, projection, auditorial, research, assemblage, expertizing, control, repair and service, business activity, education and other.

931 01 Šamorín
Slovak Republic

tel./fax: 0421/31/550 1674 


The Association was established on May, 1993. At the beginning of 1997 it already consists of nearly 400 members (including more than 50% of firms), and almost 500 members now.

Structure of the association

Members are both, individual members of all professions in the field of refrigeration (e.g. designers, technicians, engineers, servicemen, assembly, etc.) and members of organisations (designing - assembly firms, operators, service centres, manufactures, state testing institutions, high school, training centres, research institutes, etc.)

To provide professionalism, following sections has been created :

  • manufacturing,
  • service and business,
  • training and education,
  • designers,
  • air conditioning equipment.

Basic activities

  • provide technical and economical assistance,
  • organise exchange of experience,
  • increase professionalism and qualification,
  • compile regular information in the field by periodicals,
  • publishing activity,
  • participation in legislative activity dealing with interest of members,
  • issue directory of contractors and organisations dealing within in the field,
  • affection of standardisation through Committee for Technical Standardisation,
  • provide information on foreign products and procedures,
  • professional advising and consulting activities,
  • approximately 500 servicemen with licence registered at Association of RACE are trained.

Association managment

The Association of Race in non-profit-making organisation. Its need is covered by member's fee. The fee for individual members active in the field is 600 Sk. The fee for companies depends on the number of employees dealing in the field. The goal is to cover most of the cost of Association with its own activity.

Information activity

Three periodicals are issued by editorial board-News (bulletin of the RACE Association), Technical news (selected articles from home and foreign journals) and Back to basic (for training)

Expect of these periodicals, the special topic publications are issued, e.g. Catalogue of companies, books of lectures from conferences, multilanguage dictionary and so on.

News - are issued monthly as the supplement of News. They contain the newest of professional knowledge, information on seminars, exhibition and training schools. They brings a space for the high quality advertisements in colour at production cost.

Technical news - are issued monthly as the supplement of News. They bring articles from home and foreign authors and translation of actual professional articles excerpted from home and foreign journals issued with minimum time delay. The choice of these articles is focused to needs of members of the Association.

Back to basic - it is issued twice in a year for training of servicemen, businessmen...


To increase informative knowledge of our members, regular seminars focused to actual topics are held.

Under patronage of Association of Race, following seminars were arranged accompanying fairs and exhibitions:

  • Oils-retrofit-valves-dehydrators.
  • Recyclation of refrigerant R12 and its substitutes.
  • Service with new refrigerants.
  • Chance form ammonia.
  • Substitute refrigerants.
  • Service of equipment with R600a.
  • VRV systems.
  • Indirect cooling systems.
  • Cool and clime in food industry.
  • Using of condense heat .
  • Problems of testing of RACE technology.


Association organise in cycle with two year periodicity international conferences:

  • Compressors
  • Trends in air conditioning

All life education

Association through training centres realise cycle training for servicemen with licence registered at Association of RACE. Database system containing approximately 1000 servicemen is continuously supplied with a new trained and examined servicemen. The registration licence is conferred on them only in the case of fulfilment of both high professional and moral claims. Many prominent manufactures solve problems of their service with help of these highly qualified servicemen.


Association has patronage under fairs Gastra Nitra, Klimatherm Košice. Gas-thermoclima Trenčín and others. Assocition organise its own exhibition of service tools and ecology products.

Association and Montreal protocol

Most activities in the field of refrigerating engineering including system of refrigerants recycling and training are realised by members of Association or in collaboration with them, to provide duties arising from signature of the Montreal Protocol.

Collaboration with other sections

Association of Race is the member of Slovak Commerce and Industry Chamber, where under patronage of Association works sections of producers of cooling and air conditioning technique. Similar section under patronage of Association works in Slovak Food and Agriculture Chamber. It allows co-ordination of activities in collaboration for change of legislative, legislative proposals, contact to public, etc. Association created Technical committee in the field and it is connected to Internet.

Collaboration with foreign associations

Historically the most open collaboration is running with Czech Association for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering. This collaboration is good according to close language understanding and actually means wider offer in both commercial and informative areas. Intensive collaboration is raised with Hungarian HKVZ, Austrian, UK, USA, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Polish, Slovenian, Litva, Association all German Association, HR and so on.

Contact address

Ulica Vicenzy 2209/8A
931 01 Šamorín
tel.: +421 / 31 / 550 1674
fax: +421 / 31 / 550 1748

E-mail : szchkt@szchkt.org,

Website: http://www.szchkt.org