Compressor durability evaluation with the R-1132(E) based refrigerant R-474A for high-efficient and high-performant BEV heat pump systems

DOI: 10.18462/iir.compr.2024.0605

Session: Rotary, scroll, screw, ... compressors I

Accept state: Abstract accepted

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Christian Macrì DAIKIN Chemical Europe GmbH
Álvaro de León DAIKIN Chemical Europe GmbH
Felix Flohr DAIKIN Chemical Europe GmbH


For battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), the importance of high efficient and high performant heat pump systems is increasing to reach the overall vehicle's energy efficiency targets. The electrification of the vehicle goes together with the electrification of the relevant components in the vehicle but also within the thermal systems. As the key component of thermal systems, the electric compressor needs to operate under various temperature conditions and thus different loads and speeds during the complete vehicle’s lifetime. The common technology of electric compressors is the scroll.

The alternative refrigerant blend R-474A based on the molecule R-1132(E) is a near-drop-in for R-1234yf systems and beside performance evaluation of this new refrigerant technology, also the related compressor durability evaluation is part of the readiness activities. The lifetime evaluation has been carried out using state-of-the art automotive compressors from different manufacturers with both common compressor oil types POE and PAG on a component test bench using a defined lifetime durability test cycle covering different loads and compressor speeds.
The results also include the investigation of the compressor parts after the tear-down. The results of the most recent investigations and the study will be presented in the lecture.


Thermal system
Heat pump
High efficient