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Title and Authors Session
Active shading system as a reduction of building cooling requirements
Michal Masaryk, prof., Ing., PhD., Michal Masaryk jr., Ing.
Special compressors and components I
A Modelica-Based Framework for Thermal Simulation and Performance Analysis of Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors
João P. O. Freitas, M.Sc., Vitor M. Braga, Ph.D., Cesar J. Deschamps, Ph.D.
Reciprocating compressors I
Analysis of methods to improve the energy efficiency for sustainable marine solutions
Mykhailo Khmelniuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Volodymyr Trandafilov, Ph.D, Olga Yakovleva, Ph.D, Victor Yalama, Postgraduate
Compressors and technologies
Are The Product Safety Standars Ready To Allow Implementation Of Updated F-Gas Regulations For Commercial Refrigeration?
Marek Zgliczynski
Plenary session
Characterizing Sources of Volumetric Inefficiency in Reciprocating Compressors
Larissa M. Santos, M.Sc., Willian T. F. D. Silva, M.Sc., Cesar J. Deschamps, Ph.D.
Reciprocating compressors I
CO2 doped blends: experimental performance impact on semihermetic compressor
Manel Martínez-Ángeles, Phd student, Daniel Calleja-Anta, Phd student, Laura Nebot-Andrés, Dra, Rodrigo Llopis, Prof.
Reciprocating compressors II
Compressor durability evaluation with the R-1132(E) based refrigerant R-474A for high-efficient and high-performant BEV heat pump systems
Christian Macrì, Álvaro de León, Felix Flohr
Rotary, scroll, screw, ... compressors I
Compressors and refrigerants in electronic logbook "Leaklog"
Michal Tomlein, Ing., Matúš Tomlein, Dr., Peter Tomlein, Ass. Prof.
Plenary session
Conceptual design of a transcritical heat pump with CO2 refrigerant for wastewater heat recovery application research
Adam Miča, Ing., Andrej Kapjor, doc. Ing. PhD., Jozef Jandačka, prof. Ing. PhD., Michal Holubčík, doc. Ing. PhD.
Compressors and technologies
Decarbonizing mid-size industrial application with large scroll compressors: vision and challenges
Ivan Rangelov, Jonathan Vlastuin
Plenary session
Design and control strategy of an innovative CO2 residential monoblock heat pump for domestic hot water
Claudia FIABANE, Federico SIMONI, Mirko BUTI, Linda PADOAN, Simone PIOVESAN, Federico VIRGILIO, Mihir Mouchum HAZARIKA, Engin SÖYLEMEZ, Armin HAFNER
Heat pumps I
Design and Validation of Suction Vapor Quality Determination and Control Method for Compressor Performance Measurement under Two Phase Suction Conditions
Wang Kan, Master, Jiansheng Liao, Master, Siqing Liao, Master, Kaifeng Shang, Master, Linghua Zeng, Bachelor
Rotary, scroll, screw, ... compressors II
Domestic Refrigerators Single-Phase Asynchronous Motors Dynamic Characteristics Simulation
Yurii Baidak, DSc, Iryna Vereitina, PhD
Reciprocating compressors II
Heat powered adsorption compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.
Sujod Iraqi, MSc, Nir Tzabar, phd
Reciprocating compressors II
High Temperature Heat pump applications for industrial processes
Ivan Rangelov
Heat pumps I
How changes in lubricant can address challenges associated with hydrocarbon refrigerant High Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHP)
Manuel Muñoz Alonso, Joe Karnaz, Liz Dixon, PhD, Jun Liu, PhD
Heat pumps I
Isothermal gas compression and expansion processes by controlling actuators
Török Arpad, researcher, Feidt Michel, professor
Reciprocating compressors II
Optimization of the composition of mixtures based on R744 and hydrocarbons: Efficiency and Prospects
Hlib Zaruba, Master's, Mykhailo Khmelniuk, D.Sc.
Compressors and refrigerants
Prototype of eutectic refrigeration system working with R1270 refrigerant
Lukas Prakopavičius, MEng, Liutauras Vaitkus, PhD
Compressors and technologies
Quantifying Inefficiencies in Variable-Speed Reciprocating Compressors: An Exergy Approach
Iana M. Araujo, M.Sc., Willian T. F. D. Silva, M.Sc., Cesar J. Deschamps, Ph.D.
Reciprocating compressors I
R744 Heat Pumps With Ejectors: Projects, Objectives And Results
Oliver Javerschek, Alessandro Silva, Miguel Boscan
Special compressors and components I
Small water ejector chiller with on-off operated pump
Michal Masaryk, prof., Ing., PhD., Peter Mlynár, doc., Ing., PhD., Dominik Štrba, Ing., PhD., František Világi, Ing., PhD., Samuel Mališek, Ing.
Special compressors and components I
State of the art of miniature compressors
Mihael Blatnik, MSc, Katja Klinar, Assist. Prof. Dr., Andrej Kitanovski, Prof. Dr.
Rotary, scroll, screw, ... compressors II
The Feasibility of a Global Net Zero for RACHP in 2050; the Impact of Main Parameters
Natasha Kochova, Lambert Kuijpers, Dr., Asbjorn Vonsild
Plenary session
The future of technology research and development
Alexander Cohr Pachai
Meeting of commissions B1, B2, E1, E2
Theoretical Analysis on the Thermal Performance of R600a, R290 and Their Mixtures in a Retrofit R134a Vapor Compression Refrigeration System
Special compressors and components II
What will the future be for the refrigeration and heat pump technology?
Alexander Cohr Pachai
Plenary session