CO2 doped blends: experimental performance impact on semihermetic compressor

DOI: 10.18462/iir.compr.2024.0612

Sekcia: Reciprocating compressors II

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Manel Martínez-Ángeles, Phd student Universitat Jaume I
Daniel Calleja-Anta, Phd student Universitat Jaume I
Laura Nebot-Andrés, Dra Universitat Jaume I
Rodrigo Llopis, Prof. Universitat Jaume I


Doping CO2 with small amounts of other fluids can enhance the overall performance of simple refrigeration systems without making any complex modifications. The resultant mixture has different thermophysical properties from CO2: increased critical temperature and critical pressure which enhance cycle COP. The cycle remains the same however, the compressor behavior when using the mixture will diverge from the nominal as compressor design refrigerant is only pure CO2.

This work, from an experimental perspective, evaluates the behavior of a semi-hermetic compressor working with CO2-based mixtures with R-152a, R-1233zd(E) and R-290 as additives. The work analyses compressor parameters for an evaporating level of -10ºC and from 20 to 40ºC of heat rejection temperature in different cycle layouts. The results are compared to the experimental data of the compressors working with pure CO2. Lastly a mathematical model of the compressor able to predict compressor efficiencies, mass flow, power consumption and discharge temperatures is provided.

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refrigerant mixtures, CO2, transcritical, semi-hermetic.