Low GWP refrigerant for stationary applications

DOI: 10.18462/iir.compr.2024.0623

Sekcia: Compressors and refrigerants

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Felix Flohr Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH
Álvaro de León Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH
Christian Macrì Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH


Refrigerants play an important role in the environmental sustainability of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating, both in terms of direct refrigerant emissions and of energy efficiency of the equipment operation.

The revised EU F-Gas regulation reduces the further use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and refrigerant mixtures containing HFCs with high GWPs. At the same time, the use of some natural refrigerants with lower GWPs, which are not subject to F-gas regulation, reaches safety limits towards high pressure or flammability. This is the case in several applications, where the safety guidelines of HCs and the building codes, as well as the surrounding conditions set limits R-474A is classified as an A2L refrigerant according to ISO817. Compared to A3 classified HCs, R-474A can be installed in larger quantities in accordance with safety standards such as EN378 or ISO5149.

The presentation will briefly address the current legal situation in Europe. Potential areas of application are identified based on existing safety standards.

The main part presents results from studies of oil compatibility, compressor and system performance and the usability of R-474A in stationary air condition (AC)/heat pump (HP) under the use of current series appliances as drop-in to evaluate a possible adoption

An outlook on the further development program concludes the lecture.

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HFC replacement, RACHP, stationary refrigeration and air conditioning technology, safety standards, filling quantity restrictions, oil compatibility, compressor tests, next-generation refrigerant