Analysis of methods to improve the energy efficiency for sustainable marine solutions

DOI: 10.18462/iir.compr.2024.0625

Session: Heat pumps I

Accept state: Abstract accepted

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Mykhailo Khmelniuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences Odesa National University of Technology
Volodymyr Trandafilov, Ph.D Odesa National University of Technology
Olga Yakovleva, Ph.D Odesa National University of Technology
Victor Yalama, Postgraduate Odesa National University of Technology


The study explored legislative database for maritime sector to be sustainable and have intact blue economy. The problem for organizations, ship owners having fishing carriers older than 20 years is lighted up and following challenges come to decision-making authority. In order to be in fleet for next decade, ship owners for their ships should to deploy energy efficiency projects for marine system retrofitting to improve energy efficiency and to meet environmental regulations. Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan development principles is discussed due to currently needs for its deployment from 2023 that ship owner can contribute to fast adoption of new regulations by International Maritime Organization. Energy audit is performed and it is proposed energy efficiency program with guideline for upcoming regulations and that are currently in force. In order to improve energy efficiency, to reduce environmental impact and to cut fuel consumption costs marine system retrofitting is done, in particular case, it is proposed two options. First option is cascade refrigeration system with hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, where ship owner win about 20% on energy efficiency improvement. Second option is two-stage refrigeration system with ammonium as the environmentally friendly refrigerant and get about 26% on energy efficiency. Technical and economic issues have been discussed. It is put focus during study on not only energy audit but energy management that can become crucial part for organization to win through integrating properly energy policy and high-quality communication concerning energy efficiency issues. Marine plastic debris challenges are faced fishing carries on the African Union rote and its possible solution that can be beneficial for ship owners is discussed.


Energy Efficiency, Thermodynamic and Exergy Analysis, Combined compression-Ejector Refrigeration Machine, Refrigerant, Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), Global Warming Potential (GWP), Ecology, Digitization, Optimization, Modeling, Sustainable Development, Greenhouse Gas (GHG)