Compressors and refrigerants in electronic logbook "Leaklog"

DOI: 10.18462/iir.compr.2024.0637

Session: Plenary session

Accept state: Abstract accepted

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Michal Tomlein, Ing. SZ CHKT
Matúš Tomlein, Dr. SZ CHKT
Peter Tomlein, Ass. Prof. SZ CHKT


Extension of Leaklog for equipment owners and operators
is aimed on extension of the Leaklog software built for equipment owners and operators intended to enable collaboration and data sharing with service companies. This new web-based solution integrates with existing Leaklog databases managed by service companies and provides an electronic logbook of circuits and inspections for owners and operators.
System offers fast access to circuit data for authorized persons via QR code labels attached to the equipment. The solution is replacing the existing paper-based workflow and encourage companies to maintain detailed and high-quality data.
Comparison of the leakage size according to IPCC methodology from the year 2006 and also EU regulations on F gases has shown, that implemented precautions enabled a decrease in refrigerant consumption and also a decrease of refrigerants consumption added in place of leaked refrigerants.
Leaklog enables logging and aggregation of not only summarized amounts of leakages, but also refrigerant usage per cooling circuits and by category of usage. Latest extensions of Leaklog enable service companies to easily share information from inspections, on compressors with operators and/or owners of cooling circuits. Usage of Leaklog is presented on video.


Compressor, logbook, refrigerant, leakage