Compressors and refrigerants

auditorium S2, 1. floor, chaired by Dariusz Butrymowicz, Michal Masaryk, 11.9.2024 09:00 - 10:30


Steffen Feja, Dr. rer. nat.


Title and Authors Session
Application Of Low-Gwp Refrigerants R1233Zde And R1234Zee For Large Scale Ejector Refrigeration Systems Operating Under Real Industrial Conditions
Dariusz Butrymowicz, Jarzy Gagan, PhD, DSc, Marek Madej, PhD, Mikołaj Mastrowski, Andrzej Pawluczuk, Kamil Śmierciew, PhD, DSc
Compressors and refrigerants
Design of a CO2 plate freezer test facility with -50°C evaporation temperature
Shuai REN, Doctor, Armin HAFNER, Doctor, Inge Håvard REKSTAD, Kristina WIDELL, Doctor, Eirik S. Svendsen, Tom Ståle Nordtvedt
Compressors and refrigerants
Low GWP refrigerant for stationary applications
Felix Flohr, Álvaro de León, Christian Macrì
Compressors and refrigerants
Optimization of the composition of mixtures based on R744 and hydrocarbons: Efficiency and Prospects
Hlib Zaruba, Master's, Mykhailo Khmelniuk, D.Sc.
Compressors and refrigerants
Upcoming natural refrigerant-driven heating and cooling systems in India
Sarun Kumar Kochunni, PhD, Simarpreet Singh, PhD, Vinod Laguri Vinod Laguri, M.Tech, Arun BS, PhD, Sumit Kumar, M.Tech, Prosenjit Singha, M.Tech, Chayan Das, PhD, Lukas Köster, Master’s, Marco Bless, Master’s, Armin Hafner, PhD
Compressors and refrigerants